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We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with 土著 groups and are committed to providing business, 就业 并为威尼斯电玩城手游在其土地上开展业务的人民提供培训机会.


通过与土著企业和社区成员合作, we contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities where we do business. Our 土著 Relations Business Engagement team works with 土著 groups to identify businesses and individuals who are interested in project-related contracting opportunities. They also work to ensure our contractors are engaging meaningfully with 土著 businesses. In 2020, 基于土著群体的反馈, we made significant improvements to our business engagement program aimed at helping position 土著 businesses for success.

威尼斯电玩城手游接受来自承包商、供应商和销售商的申请,希望与威尼斯电玩城手游合作. 欲了解更多与威尼斯电玩城手游做生意的信息,请访问威尼斯电玩城手游的 承包商、供应商和卖主科.

Finding solutions for tomorrow’s energy challenges requires diverse viewpoints and experience. We recognize the unique perspectives 土著 employees bring to the work we do and are committed to providing 土著 voices with opportunities and equity in our teams and projects. Having top 土著 talent as a part of our team is key to helping us solve the world’s largest energy problems.  

威尼斯电玩城手游的土著奖学金项目, investment into over 580 土著 partnerships and our 40-year history of engagement with 土著 groups represent our commitment to the communities we work in. Our 2022 Reconciliation Action Plan provides our roadmap to help build our strong shared future. We recognize the invaluable and critically important contributions that 土著 人s provide, 无论是在威尼斯电玩城手游的办公室内还是在威尼斯电玩城手游的足迹上, 优先建立和维持这些积极的关系.   

到目前为止,Coastal GasLink已经奖励了1美元.2 billion of contract awards to local 土著 businesses affiliated with Coastal GasLink agreement-holding First Nations groups
在2021年,TC Energy和威尼斯电玩城手游的主要或总承包商共同报告了超过1美元.10亿美元用于土著和美洲原住民企业
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2019年12月标志着小石城湖小屋的开业, a workforce accommodation site built to house up to 600 women and men working on the Coastal GasLink Project in British Columbia, 加拿大. 位于Nadleh Whut 'en领土, 这个分会是通过与国家合作建立起来的, 地平线北方和猎鹰营地服务公司.


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作为威尼斯电玩城手游在阿尔伯塔天然气管道系统的长期邻居, the Alexander First Nation identified heavy equipment operator skills training as a priority to help their members obtain quality jobs in and around their community.

Skills training supported by TC Energy at Alexander First Nation is one of the ways our operations can generate direct and indirect economic benefits for the communities where we operate.



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